A Wakefield Project
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A Wakefield Project

A Wakefield Project

The veil between the living and the dead has lifted for 24 hours, would you survive?

A Wakefield Project - review by 123movies

The film A Wakefield Project 123movies is one of the best in its genre, thanks to which 88 minutes fly by instantly, leaving a pleasant aftertaste from an unexpected ending.

To watch a movie in one breath without the desire to take a minute break, for me this is an indicator of quality, now for me the genre is associated with this film.

2019 was marked by the release of this beautiful film with a perfectly thought-out plot and an unexpected ending, from which I was completely delighted.

knew how to attract the audience, using proprietary techniques and tricks, making the film catchy and completely different from others in its genre.

Few actors would have been able to realize such a brilliant idea of the director, but Dennis Andres proved that they are real professionals in their field.

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IMDb: 2.5

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