Captains Courageous
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Captains Courageous

Captains Courageous

Harvey, the arrogant and spoiled son of an indulgent absentee-father, falls overboard from a transatlantic steamship and is rescued by a fishing vessel on the Grand Banks. Harvey fails to persuade them to take him ashore, nor convince the crew of his wealth. The captain offers him a low-paid job, until they return to port, as part of the crew that turns him into a mature, considerate young man.

Captains Courageous - review by 123movies

The film Captains Courageous 123movies is one of the best in its genre, thanks to which 115 minutes fly by instantly, leaving a pleasant aftertaste from an unexpected ending.

All films in the genre Adventure, Best Family, Drama, Family I like in my own way, but this film (that i watched on 123movies) has become for me the standard of its direction, there is not a single failed scene in it.

In 1937, the film immediately won the hearts of fans of high-quality cinema, brilliant directorial work and talented cast created a masterpiece.

Victor Fleming surpassed himself during the shooting of this wonderful film, such a cozy atmosphere is rarely found in modern films.

Charley Grapewin, John Carradine, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas, Mickey Rooney, Spencer Tracy gave their all in this film, connecting with their characters in a single whole and living on the screen another, full of adventure life.