Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen
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Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen

Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen

An investigation of how Hollywood’s fabled stories have deeply influenced how Americans feel about transgender people, and how transgender people have been taught to feel about themselves.

Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen - review by 123movies

100 minutes is such a small amount of time, but if you spend it watching the movie Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen 123movies, you can learn a lot about the true nature of things.

The perfect tandem of a talented director and diverse actors-all this has created a real masterpiece in the genre of Documentary, which I want to review.

2020 was marked by the release of this beautiful film with a perfectly thought-out plot and an unexpected ending, from which I was completely delighted.

surpassed himself during the shooting of this wonderful film, such a cozy atmosphere is rarely found in modern films.

Alexandra Billings, Chaz Bono, Jamie Clayton, Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Marquise Vilson, Mj Rodriguez, Yance Ford has never looked so organic in their roles, they were able to show the story from a new and interesting side, giving the audience real emotions.