Texas Death Trippin’
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Texas Death Trippin’

Texas Death Trippin’

A group of young adult stoners set out on a Roadtrip to a three day music festival.

Texas Death Trippin’ - review by 123movies

I didn`t even notice how quickly 62 minutes flew by while watching the action-packed movie Texas Death Trippin’ 123movies, which is now one of my favorites in its genre.

To watch a movie in one breath without the desire to take a minute break, for me this is an indicator of quality, now for me the genre Comedy, Horror is associated with this film.

2019 - the year of the film`s release coincided with the release of other high-profile film premieres, but it was this film (i watched on 123movies site) that really became a landmark, the excellent work of the director played a role.

An expert in his field, Robbie Lopez, knows how to surprise and amaze with his attention to the smallest details, while working through the complex plot of the film, that i watched on 123movies.

The famous Bartlett Benjamin, Bryan Slusher, Cody Calderas, Daisy Coleman, Jeffrey Homan showed a new level of skill, making their characters not just the audience`s favorites, but iconic characters in the history of cinema.


IMDb: 2.2

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