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A desperate man seeks refuge from the predators hunting him by befriending a cheerful intruder.

Tito - review by 123movies

70 minutes are a thing of the past, like a moment, during a movie show Tito 123movies, a film that completely changes the perception of the world around us and the actions of people.

Comedy, Drama is my favorite genre in cinema, and this film has become one of the best in its direction, a great work of the cast and director.

Released in 2019, the film, that i watched on 123movies, immediately attracted the attention of true connoisseurs of the genre, the film is unique and catchy, the cast coped with the task perfectly.

The famous and talented knows exactly what his loyal audience wants to see, so the film (that i watched on 123movies) turned out as good as the previous works.

Benjamin Petrie, Grace Glowicki gave their all in this film, connecting with their characters in a single whole and living on the screen another, full of adventure life.

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Genre: ComedyDrama

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