Uncle Peckerhead
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Uncle Peckerhead

Uncle Peckerhead

When a punk band scores their first tour, life on the road proves tough when they are joined by a man-eating demon as a roadie.

Uncle Peckerhead - review by 123movies

97 minutes is such a small amount of time, but if you spend it watching the movie Uncle Peckerhead 123movies, you can learn a lot about the true nature of things.

All films in the genre Best Comedy 2020, Best Horror 2020, Comedy, Horror, Music I like in my own way, but this film (that i watched on 123movies) has become for me the standard of its direction, there is not a single failed scene in it.

In 2020, the film immediately won the hearts of fans of high-quality cinema, brilliant directorial work and talented cast created a masterpiece.

An expert in his field, Matthew John Lawrence, knows how to surprise and amaze with his attention to the smallest details, while working through the complex plot of the film, that i watched on 123movies.

The famous Chet Siegel, Chloe Roe, David Bluvband, David Littleton, Greg Maness, Katrina McNeill, Lucy McMichael showed a new level of skill, making their characters not just the audience`s favorites, but iconic characters in the history of cinema.